Sunday Sermon Videos

SSV 9/6/2020 Live Forever The Romans Road

SSV 8/30/2020 His Truth of Who We Are 1John

SSV 8/23/2020 Speak To Your Mountain in Faith! Ephesians 6

SSV 8/16/2020 True Wisdom is Available! John 1

SSV 8/9/2020 The Beginning of Understanding The Lord! Matthew 15

SSV 8/2/2020 He Will Never Leave You nor Forsake you! Hebrews 13

SSV 7/26/2020 #2" We Are More Then Conquerors!" Romans 8: 28-39

SSV 7/19/2020 Jesus Sends us The Best Helper! Acts 2

SSV 7/12/2020 God's Truth is (His) Love

SSV 7/5/2020 Do You Have Eyes To See Truth? 2Timothy 3:1-7

SSV 6/28/2020 Are you A Worker Approved By God!! 2Timothy 2:11-21

SSV Do You Understand What Jesus Did For You?

SSV 6/14/2020 Are You Working on Your Wisdom? Proverbs 13:20

SSV 6/7/2020 "Who Do You Trust Now?! Proverbs 3

SSV "Jesus Did it all for Us!"

SSV 5/24/2020 Are You Weak Enough To Be Strong Yet??

SSV 5/16/2020 "So, Where are Your Treasures??"

SSV 5/10/2020 You Only Know a Little

SSV 5/3/2020 Are You a New Covenant Bible Believer? Really??

SSV 4/26/2020 "It Is Good To Be The Lord's Child Isa.40:25-31

SSV 4/19/2019 Jesus Heals and Forgives All! Matthew 9:1-13

SSV 4/12/2020 Are World Events Troubling You? John 14 "Resurrection Day 2020, "He Wet Through All For Us!

SSV 4/5/2020 Are You One of Jesus' Faithful Overcomers? Habakkuk 2:1-4

SSV 3/29/2020 Are You Renewed Yet? Romans 12: 1&2

SSV 3/22/2020 Words of Wisdom From Job 5:17-27

SSV 3/15/2020 Do You Believe The Report of The Lord?? Isaiah 53:1-12

SSV 3/8/2020 "Whose Are You Really? REALLY??" Daniel 3:8-28

SSV 3/1/2020 Jesus is Our Lord, Our Savior, and Our Teacher by Example! Matt. ch. 5-10

SSV 2/23/2020 We Are More Then Conquerors Romans 8: 28-39

SSV 2/16/2020 The Lords Promise on Prayer! Matthew 7:7-11

SSV 2/9/2020 "Do You Really Know Jesus??

SSV 2/2/2020 Are You Tired?

SSV 1/26/2020 God Knows All!! & Is All Powerful! Numbers 13 & 14

SSV Be His, Commit to Passing The Tests! Proverbs 17:3

SSV Camp Paul Today Jan 18. 2020

SSV 1/12/2020 Condemned No More! Romans 8:1-11

SSV 1/5/2020 "You Can Know!" Exodus 33:7-17, 49:16&17 &33-38

SSV 12/29/2019 Are You Righteous Because of Jesus?

SSV 12/22/2019 "Celebrating Jesus' Birth!"

SSV 12/18/2019 "How Wise Are You? Really??"

SSV 12/8/2019 Strength Through His Grace! 2Timothy 2:1-13

SSV 12/1/2019 The God I Know (Of No) I Love!

SSV 11/24/2019 "Are You In The Race??" Hebrews 12

SSV 11/17/2019 "Hard Lessons Learned Bring Rewards For Many! Joseph

SSV 11/10/2019 "Blessed Words of Jesus" Matthew 5:1-11 & Matthew 6:19-24

SSV 11/3/2019 Obedienc Brings Forth God Blessings. 1 Samuel 15:22

SSV 10:27:2019 We Must Follow The Light! John 8:12-20

SSV 10:20:2019 Jesus Sacrificial Gift 1John 1:5-2:6

SSV 10:13:2019 The Truth Of Our Battles. EPH 6:10-12

SSV 10:6:2019 Let Us Share True Love Matt 11:25

SSV 9:29:2019 Do You Believe The Truth? James 2:14-26

SSV 9:22:2019 A Good Example 2 Samuel 6:6-12

SSV 9:15:2019 Do You Understand How To Understand 1Corr

SSV 9:8:2019 Are You Free??? John 8:21-36

SSV 9:1:2019 Our Faith and Belief in Jesus Abilities is Your Path To Victory Hebrews 10:35-12:22

SSV 8:25:2019 How To Hear From The Lord Part 2!  Jeremiah 29:10-13

SSV 8:18:2019 We Must Trust In Who He Is and His Love for Us  Hebrews 13:5

SSV 8:11:2019 The One You Can't See is For You! 2Kings 6:8-23

SSV 8:4:2019 Have You Changed your Mind Yet?? 2Cor 7:8-10

SSV 07:28:2019 Do You Really Want To Hear? Matt 13:1-22

SSV 7:21:2019 I am the Good Shephard John 10:1-16

SSV 7:14:2019 Have You Established YOUR Thoughts on What the Word Says Ps 119: 113-114

SSV 7:7:2019 John 3:16 & Romans Rd

SSV 6:30:2019 Do You Really Want To Fulfill Your Destiny

SSV 6:23:2019 We Have Been Warned 1Cor 10:1-13.

SSV 6:16:2019 Are You Freed Up To Serve? 1Cor 9:15-27

SSV 6:9:2019 Our End of Journey Here 1TH 4:13-18 - 5:1-10

SSV 6:2:2019 Truth & Instruction For Brethren 1Cor 6:11b-20

SSV 5:26:2019 Jesus is Source of All We Need 2Cor 2:1-16

SSV 5:19:2019 Manifestation of The Power of God 1Cor 1:17-31

SSV 5:12:2019 Do you Want To Hear His Voice? 1Samuel3:1-21 

SSV 5:6:2019 Are You Discouraged? Galatians 6:9

SSV 4:28:2019 What Are You Listening to? Romans 10:5-17

SSV 4:21:2019 Resurrection Day! He Lives Luke 24:1-50

SSV 4:14:2019 Jesus Teaching His Disciples Kingdom Truth’s Luke 12:1-12 

SSV 4:7:2019 Are You Redeeming Your Time For Jesus Ephesians 5:1-16 

SSV 3:31:2019 In Who or What Do You Put Your Faith In Hebrews 11

SSV 3:24:2019 His Servant Vision 2019 Habakuk 2:1_3

SSV 3:17:2019 Do You Believe, Really? Luke7:41-50

SSV 3:10:2019 Well?? Will You??? John3:1_11

SSV 3:3:2019 We Must Stir Ourselves Up 2Timothy1:1-14 

SSV 2:23:2019 Do You Feel Dry: The Lord Can Restore You. Ezekiel:37:1-14

SSV 2:17:2019 What Is The Biggest Tool Of The Devil Matthew 6

SSV 2:10:2019 Treasure In Jars Of Clay 2Cor. 4&5

SSV 2:3:2019 Sermon On The Mount  Matt5:1_12

SSV 1:27:2019 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled! John 14: 21-27

SSV 1:20:2019 You Jesus Are Purposeful in Your Goodness Ps:119:65-78

SSV 1:13:2019 A Promise of Love John 14:19-27

SSV 1:6:2019 Eternal Perspective! Ecclesiastes 2_26_3_1_10

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